Best method to remove acne scars!

Best method to remove acne scars!:

Both honey and lemon area unit simply accessible ingredients in our storeroom. whereas they add nice style to our food, they even have wonderful skin edges. Lemon is made in antioxidant. The acid in lemon will kill skin disorder inflicting bacterium. each lemon Associate in Nursing honey lighten the complexion and take away tanning to an extent. Lemon helps filter out your blackheads, cleanses the skin of excess oil and helps preventing skin disorder.
Honey, on the opposite hand may be a substance and helps moisturise the skin and build it soft and supple. it’s each medication and anti-bacterial. therefore that’s double power to counter your skin disorder. you’ll be able to combine honey with a spread of ingredients like milk, fruits or apply it by itself to urge nice wanting skin!

Today, however, we tend to mix honey with the equally versatile lemon so as to create a facial mask which will gently cleanse the skin, cut back the inflammation within the skin, even out your skin tone and leave it extremely swish to the touch.

What you’ll need:

Half a lemon
One tsp of honey
A bowl
How to build the mask:

In a bowl, add one tea containerful of honey. Now, squeeze the juice of  a lemon into it. I conjointly grated a bit little bit of lemon rind for a new freshness and higher exfoliation. combine the ingredients well.
Wash your face with water and steam your face for a number of minutes. this may facilitate open up the pores. If you can not steam, then dip a thick towel in plight and canopy your face with it for a number of minutes.
Tie your hair up and if potential secure it with a hanky since you are doing not need the mask jutting onto it. Now, gently rub within the mask onto your face, engaged on the oily areas and blemishes.

Spread it everywhere the face, avoiding the eyes and leave it on for concerning hour. you would possibly feel a light tingling sensation owing to the lemon.

Wash it off with cold water and pat your skin dry. you’ll be ready to notice that your skin is clearer and brighter than before. Lemon exfoliates the skin and can facilitate cut back the incidence of skin disorder. Honey can keep your skin moisturized.

The mask is appropriate for all skin sorts. continual usage can facilitate lighten the skin tone and conjointly cut back your skin disorder troubles. you’ll be able to do the hour routine once in an exceedingly week for nice results. Or higher still, keep a jar of honey handy and add a number of drops of juice to a spoon of honey on a usual and easily use it within the place of your face wash once in an exceedingly day. therefore the next time you are feeling lazy concerning keeping your salon appointment however need to spruce up your skin, do this do-it-yourself mask for a amendment and you’ll become a lover, like me.

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