Who is ‘Buff Cat’? muscular-looking cat becomes latest internet sensation

Who is ‘Buff Cat’? Abnormally muscular-looking cat becomes the latest internet sensation:


As usually happens on the net, a video regarding an unusual-looking animal has captured everyone’s attention. Meet Buff Cat it becomes the latest internet sensation

”Buff Cat,” an abnormally muscular-looking feline, has become the latest internet sensation, with the original video of the cat garnering nearly 5 million views on Twitter in lower than every week. The cat’s official Twitter handle is maintained by a neighbor. It appears that the neighbors don’t recognize that their cat is the latest internet sensation


Buff Cat lives in Montreal, Canada, the anonymous Twitter user told Storyful.

The account has posted and re-tweeted a spread of memes and jokes concerning the cat’s enormity, even creating an allusion to Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War.





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